1922. Imperial bust of H.M. Khai Dinh (1885-1925)... - Lot 124 - Lynda Trouvé

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1922. Imperial bust of H.M. Khai Dinh (1885-1925)... - Lot 124 - Lynda Trouvé
1922. Imperial bust of H.M. Khai Dinh (1885-1925) made by the sculptor Paul Ducuing (1867-1949) for H.M. Bao Daï (1913-1997). In 1922, the young Prince Vinh Tuy (only son of the Emperor of Khai Dinh), accompanied by his cousin, Prince Vinh Can, were sent to Paris to study. Vinh Tuy attended the Cours Hattemer where he was a scout, the Lycée Condorcet and then the École Libre des Sciences Politiques. The two princes live in their tutor's mansion on Avenue de Lamballe in the 16th arrondissement where they share the daily life of Mr and Mrs Charles' family. In 1925, Emperor Khai Dinh died prematurely in his palace in Hué, and his son - Vinh Tuy - succeeded him at the age of 13, taking the name of Bao Daï enthronement. After a brief passage in Hue, and not having the required majority, he did not immediately assume power, and returned to Paris to continue his studies until 1932. In this photograph taken in Paris in 1926 by the Meurisse agency, S.M. Bao Daï resides with his cousin at the home of Eugène Charles (1865-1946), former governor of Indochina and tutor to the young sovereign during his stay in France. He has been wearing the imperial costume since the death of his father the year before. To his left, next to the clock, is the bust of Khai Dinh, emperor of Annam from 1916 to 1925. There are many other photographs showing the future emperor next to this imperial bronze. Gilded bronze, created and signed by Paul Ducuing (1867-1949), graduate of the School of Fine Arts and official artist under the Third Republic. A friend of Albert Sarraut, governor of Indochina, Paul Ducuing was sent on a mission to carry out important commissions in Indochina, from December 1921 to December 1924. It is in this context that he made the official bust of H.M. Khai Dinh. This unique bronze had been specially commissioned in 1922 by the Court of Annam to accompany the young prince Vinh Tuy during his stay in France. Bronze made by the Barbedienne
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