Montparnasse was already a district of artists in the nineteenth century. But at the beginning of the 20th century, this still rural and rural district underwent major urban transformations and attracted artists from all over the world. Americans, Italians and Jews from Eastern Europe flee both academic and provincial climates, but also religious traditions and persecutions. To free oneself from the interdicts seems the motive of this true migratory movement. Attracted by the myth of the new capital of the arts, these artists find in Montparnasse "the asylum of the beautiful and free simplicity" (Guillaume Apollinaire).


Montparnasse, center of intellectual cosmopolitanism, becomes a high place of artistic creation which is declined: painting, sculpture, literature, photography, music.
Born from the meeting between artists and a clientele that seeks to follow "the taste of the day" Montparnasse radiates for nearly half a century.
We offer once a year a sale entirely dedicated to this artistic radiation gathering posters, paintings, photographs, women's fashion and Art Deco furniture.
A sale that reflects the avant-gardes of Paris, the boiling artistic and pays tribute to women's muses, both muses and "queens" of the art scene.

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Bonne Année 2019

Bonne Année 2019 !
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1,1 Million d'adjudication (frais inclus)

Vente INDOCHINE du 15 octobre 2018
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Lot 32 ADJUGÉ 20,000€

Vente Kiki et Montparnasse : lot 32 - Louis Marcoussis vendu à 20.000€  
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Lot 37 ADJUGÉ 10,500€

Vente Kiki et Montparnasse : lot 37 – Marrie Vassilieff, femme africaine vendu à 10.500€
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Indochine : vente du 15 octobre 2018

Indochine : Vente du 15 octobre 2018 
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Dossier presse de la vente 15 octobre 2018 Drouot salle 1
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Lynda Trouvé rejoint Drouot

Lynda Trouvé rejoint Drouot ....
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