In the form of travel diaries, stories, photographic missions, lacquers and graphic works, artists from the nineteenth to the early twentieth century brought back fascinating images of a largely fantasy elsewhere.

The recent Exhibitions around the travel diary have paid homage to the sometimes unknown artists, eclipsed by the great masters of Delacroix Chassériau through Dinet.

We organize once a year a sale around these works, souvenirs of travels, testimonies, visions of Elsewhere from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century.

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September 2019
ORIENT(S) - Le Monde rêvé par les artistes

ORIENT(S) - Le Monde rêvé par les artistes

Tuesday 17 September 2019 at 13h30
Drouot-Richelieu, 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris

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Bonne Année 2019

Bonne Année 2019 !
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1,1 Million d'adjudication (frais inclus)

Vente INDOCHINE du 15 octobre 2018
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Lot 32 ADJUGÉ 20,000€

Vente Kiki et Montparnasse : lot 32 - Louis Marcoussis vendu à 20.000€  
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Lot 37 ADJUGÉ 10,500€

Vente Kiki et Montparnasse : lot 37 – Marrie Vassilieff, femme africaine vendu à 10.500€
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Indochine : vente du 15 octobre 2018

Indochine : Vente du 15 octobre 2018 
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Dossier presse de la vente 15 octobre 2018 Drouot salle 1
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Lynda Trouvé rejoint Drouot

Lynda Trouvé rejoint Drouot ....
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