How appraise ?

"Things have their secrets, things have their legends but things talk to us if we know how to listen. ". Barbara. Drouot

You want to make an estimated inventory for insurance, for sharing,
- your notary advises you to opt for the inventory of the furniture as part of an estate,
- you move and want to separate from a number of objects
- or simply an object intrigues you ...
Estimates are free and confidential.

On appointment

We receive in our office  
9 Cité de Trévise – 75009 Paris
Every day from 9h30 to 12h30 and from 14h00 to 18h00

At your place

In Paris and its suburbs but also in all France.
By completing our form and sending us a photo file as complete as possible with dimensions and details of signatures or marks.

The inventory of all your furniture, documented and illustrated, made in partnership with our specialist experts will be given to you in writing.

Our competence

Assisted by experts in all specialties, listening to developments in the French and international markets, we are able to authenticate your objects and give you their market value.
Benefit from our experience and our specific knowledge.

Online valuation

You want an online expertise?

It’s SIMPLE : 

1) Fill out the form below.
2 ) Upload your photos via the form or via Wetransfer *
3) Send the request !!!

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Our services will answer you as soon as possible.

Home expertise ?

Upon receipt of your photos we will contact for a possible appointment
Do not hesitate to leave your phone number.