• Imperial bust of H.M. KHAI DINH (1885-1925)
    Sold 83 980€ (frais inclus)

  • INDOCHINE : Règne de S.M Thieu Tri (1840-1847)
    Adjugé 29 440 € (frais inclus)

  • Alix Aymé

    Alix Aymé (1894-1989)
    La petite couturière.
    Adjugé 30 720 € (frais inclus)

  • Nguyen Van Ro

    Nguyen Van Ro (1921-1997)
    Sur un bras du Mékong.
    Adjugé 38 400 €

  • Bui Xuan PHAI (1920-1988)
    Village lacustre de Cat Ba
    Adjugé 65 280 € (frais inclus)

  • Joseph INGUIMBERTY (1896-1971)
    Joseph INGUIMBERTY (1896-1971)
    Travailleurs des rizières
    Adjugé 64 000 € (frais inclus)
    Nguyen Van Ty (1917-1992)
    The rapids of Cho-Bo at the Black River.
  • Tran Phuc Duyen (1923-1993)
    Rive du Fleuve rouge.
    Adjugé 83 200 € (frais inclus)

  • Nguyen Van Ro (1921-1997)
    Sur un bras du Mékong.
    Adjugé 38 400 €


The starting point is a shared passion with Christophe Fumeux, expert, collector, bibliophile and passionate about history.

The idea was to write in objects, paintings and works of art the birth of the School of Fine Arts of Indochina. Not only that of Hanoi but also that of the South, from Tudomaut to Gia Dinh.
Four chapters presented at Drouot, bringing together both historical and artistic pieces, each time evoked the richness of this fusion between French Fine Arts and Vietnamese Ancestral Tradition.

Our last sale totaling a total amount of 840,000 included costs crowned our involvement and our expertise in this area largely unknown beyond the big names.

Only French and Parisian house dedicated to this specialty, we became the leader of this specialty. We bring you a solid and successful expertise and you benefit from a market that we know.

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Indochine - Chapitre 11

Indochine - Chapitre 11

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