1931-32 Memories of my Far East campaign... - Lot 69 - Lynda Trouvé

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1931-32 Memories of my Far East campaign... - Lot 69 - Lynda Trouvé
1931-32 Memories of my Far East campaign aboard the "Waldeck Rousseau" (1931-1932). Pictures of the Shanghai War seen from the French Concession (1932) Italian style album (24x36 cm), beautiful binding decorated on the first cover with an embroidery representing two lanterns evoking Mount Fuji and a Junk. About 400 photographs of various formats, mounted under tabs. Album taken by a senior officer on board the French navy's battleship cruiser on mission in the Far East, from 1931 to his return to France in 1932. With stopovers in Singapore, Haiphong, Saigon, Angkor, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Colombo, Near East... The album is not classified in chronological order, but by city, although the album is not captioned. About fifty photographs taken by the author refer to an armed conflict between the Empire of Japan and the Republic of China from January 28 to May 5, 1932, which was one of the preludes to the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). Images of this conflict are generally extremely rare and those taken by this officer in the French Concession in Shanghai are even rarer: with French gendarmes and soldiers, arriving as reinforcements from Indochina, trying to protect themselves from the bombardments and to channel the Chinese population fleeing the Japanese army. Precious historical testimonies that have remained unpublished for 90 years. Attached are: some photographs of the family of this officer born in Toulon.
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