Victor Tardieu Collection / EBAI VICTOR... - Lot 150 - Lynda Trouvé

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Victor Tardieu Collection / EBAI VICTOR... - Lot 150 - Lynda Trouvé
Victor Tardieu Collection / EBAI VICTOR TARDIEU (1870 -1937) Director of the Indochina School of Fine Arts from 1925 to 1937. School of Fine Arts of Lyon, Prize of Indochina in 1920, he is co-founder - with Nguyen Nam Son - of the Indochina School of Fine Arts in Indochina in 1924. A set of 16 photographic plates of the fresco of the amphitheatre of the University of Hanoi, entitled "the metropolis: science dispenses its benefits to the people of Annam (1924-1929)". Including an exceptional autochrome plate (colors) of 1929, probably the only color photograph of the original work disappeared in 1954. Unique unpublished testimony. - 16 black and white plates of the work and details as photographed at the end at the end of the work of that same year. Original photographic work, commissioned by Victor Tardieu in 1929. All glass plates are 24x18 cm. In two original boxes of the brand "Véritas de Grieshaber & Cie". The autochrome color plate is from the brand "Lumières et fils". A large original black and white print (28,5x49,5 cm) of the fresco is attached. The fresco of the amphitheatre of Hanoi University In 1920, Victor Tardieu received the Indochina Prize and left for Hanoi. Shortly after his arrival, he was commissioned to paint a large canvas of 180m2 for the large amphitheatre of the University of Hanoi. The inauguration of the university and the fresco took place in 1929. L'Eveil économique de l'Indochine describes the work: "The painting represents the port of Haïphong with the Paul Lecat (...) and some ships at the docks on the left, on the right the cement factory and a large building under construction. In the middle a meadow, green and flowery, with a large tree in the axis, probably the tree of the science of good and evil, in any case a cheese tree, (...), in front of which rises a portico in the Annamite style, with Science rising like smoke in front of the door (...)". Some students look at this shadow with admiration. On the right and on the left, offering themselves to the public's gaze, the ex-high personalities of Indochina: Dr. Cognac, Mr. Albert Sarraut, Mr. Baudoin, the Auvergnat Varenne, and some mandarins. In the foreground, French and native figures perform the gestures of the various functions for which the University prepares young people: veterinarians caring for an ox, chemists doing an analysis, doctors auscultating, vaccinating and pricking, magistrates quibbling, lawyers chatting, agricultural inspectors showing peasants the use of modern ploughs, etc. After independence in 1954, this fresco, an allegory of the colonial power, was not to the liking of the new Vietnamese regime, which made the work disappear under a whitewash. The Centenary of Hanoi University (1906-2006) The wounds of the past have faded, and the Hanoi authorities finally decide to remake a copy, in the same place to celebrate the centenary of the University. They commissioned the painter Hoang Hung to restore it in 2006. He has only a few months to do it.
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