Set of books : BERTOL-GRAVAIL (E.). The... - Lot 102 - Lynda Trouvé

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Set of books : BERTOL-GRAVAIL (E.). The... - Lot 102 - Lynda Trouvé
Set of books : BERTOL-GRAVAIL (E.). The 28 days of the President of the Republic. Paris, Ernest Kolb, n.d. Bound in half leather, spine ribbed. BOYER (Paul). Presidential travels, First trip, Haute-Vienne, Lot et Garonne, Gironde and Charente-Inférieure, from April 25th to May 1st 1888. Paris, E. Dentu and Photographie van Bosch. BERTOL-GRAIVIL (E.) and BOYER (Paul) Presidential journeys. In four volumes: - Fifth trip, Pas-de-Calais, May 31 - June 4, 1889. - Sixth trip, the South and Corsica, April 16 - April 27, 1890. - Seventh & eighth voyage, Montpellier, Belfort, Besançon, May 22 - 29, 1890 and La Rochelle August 18 - 20, 1890. - 9th, 10th and 11th trips, Orleans May 1891, Limoges, Montauban, Toulouse, Luchon, Pau, Mont de Marsan, May 1891, Reims, Châlons, Vitry, Epernay, September 1891. Paris, Photographie van Bosch, 1890 - 1891 - 1892. SADI CARNOT, two works : Les Volontaires de la Côte d'Or, origines historiques, formations de 1789 et 1791, Veillée des armes. Paris, Librairie Hachette et Cie, 1906. Large In-4, binding Percaline decorated. The regiment of Lyonnais 1616-1794. Lyon, Librairie Masson, 1929. Large in-4, brown half-binding, with corners, spine with decorated nerves. GERS (Paul). Les voyages du Président. Paris, Ernest Flammarion, 1893. Hardcover. PICAUD (A.). Carnot the organizer of the victory 1753 - 1823. Paris, Charavay Frères, 1885. In-8, bound in full red decorated percaline. Official bulletin of the Ministry of War, promotion table, 1894. In-8, full red leather binding. PELCOT (A.). Reforms on the army. In-8, fourth edition. With a letter from the author to Monsieur Carnot, President of the Republic. New Caledonia, Imprimerie Nouméenne, 1890. PELCOT (A.). Réformes sur l'armée. In-8, fourth edition. With a letter from the author to Monsieur Carnot fils, Lieutenant. New Caledonia, Imprimerie Nouméenne, 1890. Inauguration of the monument raised to the memory of President Carnot on May 2, 1897. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1897. The whole in the state. A large set of L.A.S. from the Carnot and Perret families is attached.
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