TSUGUHARU LÉONARD FOUJITA (1886-1968). Painted... - Lot 128 - Lynda Trouvé

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TSUGUHARU LÉONARD FOUJITA (1886-1968). Painted... - Lot 128 - Lynda Trouvé
TSUGUHARU LÉONARD FOUJITA (1886-1968). Painted wooden painting case with drawer, opening on the front with a door and locking on the side. The upper part features a compartment with lock, the lid painted with arabesque motifs on a white background. The interior features seven front-painted drawers, the first signed by the artist. The drawers are filled with souvenirs, probably collected by the painter during his travels: - A 10-rupee bill from Mauritius, type 1967. - An ink roll decorated with dignitaries in relief, signed Cheng Junfang (1541-1620) and dated to the first year of Tianqi (1605-1627), i.e. 1605. China, late Qing period (1644-1912). (Damage and missing parts). - An octagonal ink loaf in a wooden box lined with fabric. The molded decoration features on the obverse a mythological scene depicting a figure on the back of a qilin under a constellation preparing the arrival of the four celestial kings, and on the reverse a calligraphic poem. An inscription states that the piece was "Made in the 30th year of the Qianlong reign". Model referenced in the 1588 "Fang shi mo pu: liu juan" compiled by Fang Yulu. China, Qing dynasty (1644-1912). (Damage and missing parts). - An ink loaf, the obverse decorated with a dignitary accompanied by his mount enhanced with gilding. China, late Qing dynasty (1644-1912). (Cracked and missing). - Two ink loaves in the form of a bell with archaic molded decoration. Illegible three-character mark. China, 20th century. - An ink roll in its original box marked with three Shuhuà bao characters, i.e. "treasure of calligraphy and painting" and dated January 17, 1961. An ink stick decorated with green ink and gold. - A red and gold ink stick with molded decoration of flowering branches. China, 20th century. - An ink roll decorated with a calligraphic poem heightened with gold, wishing longevity, reading `Shòu yì nián yán zong xiang wú zhang literally "Living long will never last long" or "longer life expectancy and longevity". The reverse side marked with four characters of the artist Zhan Dayou. China, Republic period. (chips). - A small brass instrument. - A small blue-white porcelain box with bamboo decoration containing red seal paste. China, first half of the 20th century. - A yellow ink bar in its original box from "kobaien seiku", a renowned ink manufacturer founded in 1577. Japan, 20th century. - A blue inkblock from the same manufacturer, decorated with a book in the clouds. The obverse features a four-character inscription flanked by two stylized dragons. Japan, 20th century (documentary condition). - A loaf of white ink from the same manufacturer (worn and chipped). - A brass ink box, the interior with two compartments fitted with an ink pad. - A bone instrument used to dilute ink. - A black ink stick marked "Tsinghua Birun" on the obverse, the reverse translating as "Bi Qiufan collected ink from the Lanting Pavilion for Wang Menglou" accompanied by a Qianlong mark. China, 20th century. - A series of broken inkblocks in a fabric box. China, 20th century. - A rectangular wooden quadripod stand. Box dimensions: 42 x 24.5 x 23 cm. (Damage and missing parts). A certificate of authenticity from Madame Sylvie Buisson will be issued to the buyer. The box will appear in the catalog raisonné of Foujita's work volume V.
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